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AtOne®  is one system for all your Workforce Management needs.
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The heart of the system and the cornerstone on which all other modules are built.  Developed to support ‘Businesses’ in satisfying  Employee Relations obligations.


Use our interactive safety management tools. Foster behavioural change and impact safety culture by categorising leading and lagging activities in our safety module.

Contractor Management

Upload commercial contracts, record values and insurances, set expiry alerts and manage KPI’s through the inbuilt contractor management evaluation tool.


This module turns tasks that traditionally took days into minutes. Track currency of qualifications through automated system alerts and system reminders.


Communication Hub

Create and assign tasks for employees, establish deadlines, easily monitor workflow and measure progress.


Manage recruitment drives & upload interview documentation. Submit ideas in the Feedback Zone, Comprehensive list of Reports...

ATOne® - Workforce Management Software

What they said

We need reminders for qualifications and licenses that expire and 24/7 access to training records.

We are tired of trying to make multiple software packages talk to one another.

We are drowning in compliance paperwork!

What we did

We built a system that is available anywhere, anytime and automatically sends alerts before qualifications and licenses expire.

We developed one cost effective system that covers all your workforce management needs.

We built a paperless Workforce Management System containing interactive tools and forms that make external audits a breeze.