Atone WMS Overview


Every serious business now knows how vital it is to provide your leadership team with inspirational technology from which they can mobilise and lead their human capital. Atone® WMS is driven to capture this ideal. Brave in design, Atone® WMS stands out from the crowd with its vibrant colour palate and user friendly interface, affording users a broad spectrum of brilliantly considered workforce management features and modules.


Made alive by its in-depth reporting capability, Atone® WMS easily extracts critical workforce management data making it perfect for submissions to boards, external auditors and other relevant stakeholders. Short on time? No problem! Atone’s customisable Dashboard provides an up to the minute snapshot of your critical workforce management data.

Atone® WMS - The Modules


Designed to support businesses in fulfilling their Employee Relations obligations, the HR module is the cornerstone of the system recording all employee data, salary packaging, position details and issuance of company property.

The inbuilt performance evaluation tool offers business leaders the ability to report on employee performance, formulate corrective actions, reward staff and track cultural trends.

The HR module creates a hub for all of your employee data including tracking of:

  • Employee Personal Details;
  • Leave Applications and approval process;
  • Medical details and restrictions for duty;
  • Visa information and expiries;
  • Inductions – industry and company based inductions and expiries;

Position Details tab tracks and records:

  • Fair work information and award types, employment terms & conditions;
  • Position titles, departments and teams within the organisation;
  • Salary details & superannuation amount for individuals;
  • Probationary periods;
  • Employment status i.e. casual, permanent and part time
  • Company property: phones, PPE, keys, laptops etc.

The inbuilt employee performance evaluation tool offers businesses the ability to:

  • Embed your appraisal system and directly populate and report on same;
  • Track disciplinary correspondence and upload forms and procedures.


Foster positive behavioural change and impact safety culture by analysing leading and lagging activities in our safety module.

This module provides a Compliance Library and a central hub for the tracking, recording and evolution of your company’s safety system.  Inbuilt prompts and alerts ensure your regulatory requirements are met.

Develop risk assessments using the embedded ‘Risk Assessment Tool’, conduct safety inspections directly in the system, upload operating procedures, safe act observations and reports.

Manage incidents and injuries, track workers’ compensation claims, record case notes, medical correspondence and safeguard document control processes.

Track and Record:

  • Risk assessments and filter by date and document number;
  • Standard operating & safe work procedures;
  • Safe Act Observations;
  • Safety committee minutes;
  • Workforce and government correspondence.


  • Inspection reports;
  • Noise monitoring;
  • Chemical monitoring;
  • Pesticide management;
  • Hazard reports.

Disaster Management Reporting:

  • Disaster management plans;
  • Disaster management minutes;
  • Disaster management correspondence.

Incident Reporting:

  • Track and raise incidents in the system;
  • Categorise by severity levels;
  • Automate alerts to designated authorities;
  • Search by employee, date or number;
  • Upload correspondence and historical data.

Manage Injuries:

  • Track claims;
  • Search by date, employee or WorkCover number;
  • Upload suitable duties plans, medical reports, case notes and first aid reports.


The Training & Development module incorporates a Skills Register providing a summary of employee competencies, expiry dates, authorisations and other qualifications.  Automated alerts and email reminders can be set to ensure all competencies, licenses and tickets remain current.

Company specific inductions and training material can be uploaded to the system allowing new employees to login and complete onboarding requirements prior to commencing employment.

Use our automated assessments and online logbooks or attach and upload your manual records directly to the system.

Upload and create company training programs through the HTML Editor, including:

  • The ability to upload theory content, videos and illustrations;
  • The ability to automate assessments and trainee evaluations;
  • Record trainee hours through Atone® WMS’s ‘online log books’;
  • Record and track employee competence;
  • Enrol employees in courses and view progress;

Access Personal, Departmental and Team Skills Matrixes:

  • Quickly identify position competencies by individual, team or department;
  • Assign mandatory skills and competencies to positions and report on same;
  • Create automated emails that alert when competencies and skills are expiring;

Skills Register:

  • View employee qualifications;
  • Track qualifications, authorisations and company appointments.


Record contractor details, store commercial contracts, values and insurances.  Add alerts to manage expiry dates and contract renewals.

Manage KPI’s through the inbuilt contractor management evaluation tool.

The Contractor Management module includes the ability to:

  • Add a new contractor, select an existing contractor and edit contractor details.
  • View commercial contracts, correspondence and previous commercial contract reviews.
  • Extract information on contractor employee numbers, active contractors and expiring commercial contracts.
  • Access real time contractor data limiting exposure to high risk activities associated with contractors and workplace visitors


  • The Task Manager allows supervisors to set and schedule daily tasks for their employees, establish deadlines, easily monitor workflow and measure progress.
  • Auto alerts and reminders uphold the integrity of this invaluable feature, ensuring employee productivity is maintained at all times.


  • The Feedback Zone affords employees a communication channel through which ideas and issues can be raised on the run.  Such feedback often remains uncaptured due to busy work schedules that make it difficult to facilitate face to face meetings with management.
  • Registered feedback is categorised through the use of drop down menus prompting the system to trigger alerts to accountable people for action and follow up.


Our Tech team can insert a ‘Register for Work’ tab on your website allowing candidates to register interest for jobs, which then automatically populate into Atone WMS.  This function is brilliant for new projects and employment drives.


As vacancies arise this module allows you to recall applicant history, directly email the database and then record subsequent candidate interactions, saving significant time and financial resources. Upload reference checking documentation, interview guides and employment recommendations all in one central location.


The system contains an extensive list of reports that are easily populated and can be exported in either PDF or Excel formats.

Expiring data can be reported upon and alerts set to email Management prior to expiration.  This invaluable feature allows for future planning in relation to the management of expiring inductions, licenses, competencies, industry medicals, probationary periods and the like.


  • Employee location report;
  • Medical expiries;
  • Probationary expiries;
  • Performance appraisal assessments report;
  • Employee status breakdown report;
  • Site appointments by site, department, team;
  • Employee details by name, age, number, position, gender, department etc.
  • Fatigue Management Reports;


  • Candidate position research report;
  • Candidate competency search report;
  • Candidate site induction report.


  • Qualifications by site, department, team;
  • Individual units of competency by site, department, team;
  • Expiring licenses, inductions, competencies, qualifications;
  • Skills matrix report.


  • Incident summary report;
  • Active injuries;
  • Suitable duties;
  • Contractor employee numbers;
  • Active contractors;
  • Expiring commercial contracts.