Client Testimonials

As a large agriculture company, Australian Food & Fibre (AFF) has a high focus on staff safety and management. The Workforce Management Software enables AFF to streamline payroll and safety management into an effective and efficient system.

Over the last few months we have implemented the system and it has been a smooth process. The support provided and the ability to customise Atone®WMS has made this process easy and successful.

Peta Carrigan - Chief Financial Officer, Australian Food & Fibre.

(Australian Food & Fibre is the largest integrated irrigation and dryland cropping enterprise in Australia.)



In 2016, I led a review and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) where we engaged The Flynn Group as a prospective vendor with a view to using their workforce management software, Atone®WMS.  I led this review in the role of Assurance and Training Manager – Savanna Energy Australia.


During our review we were able to have a hands on demonstration and sandpit environment access. What stood out as a front runner immediately was the aesthetic appeal and overall intuitive navigation system. The Safety & Compliance module, supported by the Training & Development and Contractor Management modules are a true value addition to any business that operates in a highly compliant and governed industry.


The turn key establishment with configurable modules to suit our exact business needs were attractive and make transitioning less complicated. I strongly recommend Atone®WMS to any organisation that may be seeking a comprehensive workforce management solution or simply as a single Safety & Compliance module system to support their operations.

Russell Moon - Assurance & Training Manager, Savanna Energy Australia.

(Savanna Energy is a global leader in energy services offering exceptional Drilling and Well Servicing in the United States, Australia, and Canada.)



Atone®WMS is an excellent workforce management system delivering a modern user interface and intuitive navigation system.  With modules ranging from ‘Time and Attendance’ to Safety, Training and Contractor Management, we feel confident our workforce and legislative obligations are being met.  In particular, the Task Manager acts as a link across all modules tracking activities, communications and tasks assigned across SSR.


The team at The Flynn Group enabled us to incorporate our existing operational database as a custom module without losing ownership of our intellectual property.  This provides SSR with one user interface for all our software applications on site, resulting in processing efficiencies and one central login point.


In addition, their knowledgeable consulting team have enabled SSR to continue to develop our employee relations platform, workplace culture and foster growth in our senior management team. I would thoroughly recommend incorporating Atone®WMS into any business looking to secure their workforce management platform and streamline other software applications into one user interface.


Wally Sweet - Managing Director, Sweets Strawberry Runners. 

(SSR is the primary producer of strawberry runners in the country, with a large complex workforce selling over 30 million plants annually both domestically and abroad.)