Other Features

Auto-Save Functionality 

The auto-save function has been implemented to support our remote and rural clients who experience the frustration of intermittent internet connection (internet connections that drop ‘in and out’).  Such connections have the potential to interfere with software, causing the user to lose previously inputted data.

AtOne® mitigates this frustration through the implementation of two separate functionalities: 

  • Firstly, the auto-save function is engaged when a user types over 50-word characters into an inbuilt form or text box within the software.
    • Users will notice a green box appear with the words ‘successfully saved’ once they have engaged the auto-save function.
    • This ensures that if the internet connection drops out the maximum data lost will only be 49-word characters. All other data entered prior to the disconnection will have been saved.
  • In addition to the word character recognition feature, AtOne® also uses an in-built timer to engage the auto-save function.
    • In this instance the auto-save function is engaged every two minutes.

Administration & Permissions

AtOne® provides individual passwords and multiple access levels, extending from full system administration to read only functionality to ensure you control who views what in the system.  Additional levels can be implemented to align with your organisational structure and internal authorisation processes.


This function allows system administrators to create customised user profiles and align permission levels according to what they want them to view in the system.  This means that administrators can shut down whole modules from view or just individual tabs within a module.

Functionality underpinning the permission levels allows users to interface with the system in three ways:

  • Read only – which means they can view but not input data.
  • Read & write – which means they can both view and input data.
  • No access – which means they can neither view or enter data into the system.